WhatsApp VS Viber! Which one should I use?

WhatsApp VS Viber! Which one should I use?

WhatsApp VS Viber! Which one should I use?: We all use social messaging software. Someone WhatsApp User. There are much such software like Vibe, Messenger, Line, Telegram. Which we all use. When I go to Select to use a Social Message Software. Then we do not notice the good and the bad, but our family members or our friends use any software, we also move towards that software.

WhatsApp VS Viber
WhatsApp VS Viber

Which of the two popular software we use today has more features? The feature of any software is less. And what kind of feature will more or less discuss these issues in detail?

1. User interface and User-Friendly: WhatsApp User Interface We all know is very clean. Anyone who has no idea about WhatsApp can use it. There are not many features here. There are Audio calls, Video calls, Voice, Camera, Sticker, and File Sharing Options. You can call it User Friendly.

If I talk about (Viber). Then we see that Viber has various features. For example, if you enter the message here, the sticker is suggested. Homepage Many times different types of things are suggested. Many profiles are suggested. Public Profile is suggested. Here Viber is much ahead of WhatsApp. You need to be a little expert in using Viber. Which is not required for WhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp if you want. Because WhatsApp does not have so many features. So here is Viber Winner.

2: Popularity: If we think about it, there are some regions where "Viber" is used a lot in some parts of the world. Again in some places "WhatsApp" is used more. But if we think Overall then WhatsApp is far ahead of Popularity. So here is WhatsApp Winner.

3: Supported Devices: WhatsApp supports Android. Supports iOS and they have a Web Version that you can access by going to web.whatsapp.com in any browser. However, the features are Ltd. And they do not have software for other operating. However, the software for Windows is also Ltd. You are getting the same feature that you are getting in the web version.

Similarly, if we look at Viber. Then Viber has Android. IOS and they have software related to Windows Relegated which if you use the features that you get on the mobile Audio Call, Video Call all the features you get in Viber. Which you can't find on Whatsapp. Viber also has a Linux and software that you can use on Linux. Here you can see Viber Winner. Because you can't find the access that Viber has on the desktop in Whatsapp.

4: Audio call & Video call: But there is an Audio & Video Call System between the two Software and this Audio, Video Call Quality depends entirely on your Network Speed ​​or Device. We have used two software for audio and video calls. Didn't get any difference from the two software. We will say that the quality of the two software for audio and video calls is quite good. However, Viber has an Extra Feature that is "Viber Out". With Viber Out you can talk to anyone who doesn't use Viber with Credit. Which is not in Whatsapp. So here too Viber Winner can be seen.

5: End-to-end Encryption: Both WhatsApp and Viber software have end-to-end encryption. This means that your personal data is safe between the two software.

6: Chat Group: Both WhatsApp and Viber have the option to create a Chat Group. This means that you can chat by creating a chat group with several friends.

7: Public Profile or Business Profile: This feature is only available on Viber. Not on Whatsapp. This means that you can use Whatsapp for Personal Purpose. However, if you are a celebrity or if you have a business brand, then the option to open an account to promote it is not in Whatsapp. Which is in Viber. You can create a Public Profile on Viber if you want and you can see the posts in the Public Profile if you want.

Can interact with them. And if you want, you can Flow or Unfollow someone. It can be News Paper, Celebrity, or Brand. You can create a Public Profile and Chat options in two ways. Whenever you post something, your followers will be able to reply there. Or you can use it to create a one-way communication. That means you will only post, others will only see. So you can do it in two ways. Because if you only enable Chat Options here, if someone is giving a message on both sides, then many times many people can spam. That's why there is a One Way Communication Option. Here too but Viber Winner.

8: Hidden Chat or Secret Chats: There is no option of Hidden Chat or Secret Chats in WhatsApp but there is in Viber. In this respect also Viber Winner.

9: File-Sharing: File Sharing is one of the two software. With WhatsApp, you can share a maximum of 100 MB Files. And you can share a maximum of 200 MB File from Viber. If we look at Viber Winner from here too.

10: Extra Feature: Of course, Viber is a bit ahead from here. For example, Viber has some extra features. Example: Viber has more stickers than Whatsapp. You can play Gems with friends on Viber which is not Whatsapp. Viber has a feature called Chat Extension that allows you to watch videos on YouTube while chatting on Viber. This feature is not available in Whatsapp. So here too Viber Winner.

Now out of these 10 topics, WhatsApp has won only 2 and Viber has won 6 and the remaining 2 are limited to the two software.

Now if we think about it then we can see here Viber Clear Winner. But the truth is that in terms of popularity since “WhatsApp” is ahead. Your Friends or Family Members may use WhatsApp most of the time. And you may also use WhatsApp.

We will not tell you that you use Viber without WhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp as well as Viber. And if you use Viber on Already, you can use Viber as well as WhatsApp. By doing this you will be able to enjoy all the features. You will take the decision. We only let you know the difference between the two software.

So far we have discussed today's "WhatsApp and Viber", we hope you like this article or you have found out something through this article. If you have benefited from this article, please let us know in the comments, and don't forget to share this article with your friends.
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