How to Remove your Name and Number from Truecaller

How to Remove your Name and Number from Truecaller

How to Remove your Name and Number from Truecaller: Many of you are familiar with the Truecaller application. Millions of people around the world use this caller ID application. True Caller is an application that identifies unknown numbers. However, the app can also be used as a dialer or messaging app. However, one of the problems with this app is that once you somehow register the number here and uninstall the app, all your information remains in the app's database until you deactivate the account. Suppose someone used your number before, they may have created their own database on True Caller. As a result, even if you do not register the number in the Truecaller app, the old data can be seen.

How to Remove your Name and Number from Truecaller
How to Remove your Name and Number from Truecaller

In most cases, we do not want everyone to know our names or other details when calling. So if you also don’t want your number to be in TrueCaller’s database, today we’ll tell you away. But remember, if you currently use the app with that number, it cannot be removed. Only by closing the Truecaller account associated with that specific number can it be removed from the app's database.

How to deactivate a Truecaller account :

Android users first open the Truecaller app. Then click the three-line or three-dot icon in the upper left corner or right corner, and go to Settings. Then click on the Privacy Center option and you will see the Deactivate option. Clicking there will deactivate your account.

iPhone users can open the Truecaller app in the same way. Then tap the gear icon in the upper right. Then click on the About Truecaller option. Scroll down a bit to get the account de-activate option.

So much for account de-activation. Find out how to make your number disappear from True Caller service.

How to remove your name and number from the Truecaller app:

  1. First, go to True Caller's Unlist web page.
  2. Then type your phone number there along with the country code. (E.g. +8801862xxxxxx)
  3. Once the number is typed, select one of the options as the reason to unlist it.
  4. Now enter the captcha there and click on the unlisted option.

True Caller claims that the unlisted number will be removed within 24 hours. Please note that even if you remove the number, your phone number may appear next to the name. In this case, you can check that number from someone else's True Caller, if no details are seen then you know you have been able to delete the number from True Caller. If seen, however, you will need to try deleting it again. Let me know, if someone you know saves the name or other details in that number, then if you search the number a lot of times, that name or details will be displayed.
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