Whatsapp Working on 'Vacation Mode' and many Features

Whatsapp Working on 'Vacation Mode' and many Features

Whatsapp Working on 'Vacation Mode' New Wallpapers in Chats and many Features: Users use smartphones, but there are very few users who do not have WhatsApp application on the device. WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging platforms in the world, often comes up with new features and updates. And this is the main reason for its popularity. Speaking of WhatsApp's new features in the last few months, more than four people have added features like video calling support and contact save via animated sticker or QR code.

Whatsapp Working on 'Vacation Mode' New Wallpapers in Chats and many Features
Whatsapp Working on 'Vacation Mode' and many Features

But recently we learned that WhatsApp is going to bring some more new features soon, which will make this messaging app more fun. It has features like vacation mode, re-design interface of storage usage, new ringtones for group calls, and new chat wallpapers.

1. Vacation mode:

According to WABetainfo, WhatsApp has just included a new update to the Google Play Beta program. It is believed that in this update, WhatsApp is going to bring the much-awaited "Vacation Mode" feature on its platform. This feature allows users to mute their archived chats. This vacation mode will have a dedicated option called “Notifications”, from which users can decide whether archived chats will be unarchived when new messages arrive. In addition, there will be an option to automatically hide or archive any inactive chats older than 6 months. WhatsApp announced this feature about a year ago.

2. Storage Usage Redesign Interface:

According to another WABetaInfo report, users will now have the option to organize their storage and delete unnecessary files from the application. WhatsApp is currently redesigning the Storage Usage section. According to a screenshot, this redesigned interface will have a storage bar at the top, and will show how much space is occupied by media files shared via WhatsApp. There will also be a clean-up option.

3. New Ringtone for group calls:

Supposedly, a custom tune will be added to WhatsApp very soon and will run in a loop when a group call arrives.

4. New animated sticker:

A few days ago, new animations were seen on stickers on WhatsApp, which looped eight times. A week ago, a new sticker pack called "Betakkuma" was added to this platform. However, it is heard that the messaging app owned by Facebook can bring more new animated sticker packs to make chatting fun. Whatsapp Finally Rolling out animated Stickers and QR Code features,

5. New chat wallpapers:

A few days ago we informed you about this new feature. In fact, WhatsApp is currently working on a new wallpaper feature that, if implemented, will allow users to set different wallpapers for each chat. This new feature will be available for Android and iOS users very soon. Whatsapp working on Different Wallpapers in Different Chats For Android

6. Calling UI development:

According to reports, WhatsApp is planning to bring down all the elements of the call screen in the new UI. It will also be seen soon.
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