Xiaomi may Bring Own MIUI OS Disassociated from Android

Xiaomi may Bring Own MIUI OS Disassociated from Android

Xiaomi may Bring Own MIUI OS Disassociated from Android: Xiaomi can bring its own MIUI operating system without Android. Generally, all Android devices run on the basis of Google's operating system. But most smartphone makers use their own custom skins or software on their devices. For example, Xiaomi, India's largest smartphone company, uses its own MIUI custom skin on all its devices (except the Mi A series). For its many fun features and advanced animations, users love this MIUI OST from Xiaomi. Since last month, the company has rolled out a stable update to its new MIUI 12 version, with Xiaomi adding lots of new features.

Xiaomi may Bring Own MIUI OS Disassociated from Android
Xiaomi may Bring Own MIUI OS Disassociated from Android

But a report has surfaced recently, which may surprise Xiaomi fans. In fact, the report says, the Chinese company is trying to separate its custom skin from Google's Android OS. Xiaomi relies heavily on Google's services for devices sold outside of China. Then why is the company suddenly thinking such thoughts?

That being said, Google's data collection methods are being thoroughly investigated in recent times. A couple of years ago, this popular search engine came under controversy due to data surfacing. Xiaomi, meanwhile, claims full protection of its users' data. So maybe, the Chinese company may take such a big decision in the coming days for data privacy.

Again, despite the current technological battle between the United States and China, Xiaomi is considering creating its own separate operating system, a possibility that cannot be ruled out.

Xiaomi highlighted some of the users' problems in a detailed post on its Mi Community forum, where MIUI was questioned due to Google's Android OS problems. Google has reported problems but is not paying attention. As a result, it is not possible for Xiaomi to overcome the problems. So the company created a poll on its community forum, where they asked users for their opinions with three options. These options are -

1. Whether MIUI will be introduced as a separate operating system for security and privacy reasons.
2. Whether Xiaomi will solve the issues found in MIUI based on Google's Android OS.
3. Whether users are at ease despite having Android or privacy issues.

The post has received more than 150 votes so far. However, one thing is clear from this post that Xiaomi has also started thinking about bringing a separate operating system.

Meanwhile, another popular Chinese company, Huawei, has come up with a separate operating system for its devices. Maybe in the coming days, Xiaomi will follow the same path. In this context, Xiaomi's new custom skin MIUI 12 - the first smartphone OS, which has received enhanced privacy protection certification. However, it remains to be seen whether the company will really sever ties with Google in the coming days!

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