Instagram Gets New 10 Features After Messenger integration

Instagram Gets New 10 Features After Messenger integration

Instagram Gets New 10 Features After Messenger integration: After pairing with Messenger, these 10 new features have been added to Instagram. A few days ago, we announced that the popular social media Facebook has joined their two platforms, Instagram and Messenger. 

Instagram Gets New 10 Features After Messenger integration

As a result, if you have one app, you can message another app. For the time being, users in selected regions will get this facility. This update will be brought to users all over the world later. This is an in-app update. So whenever this new feature is added, a pop-up screen will appear in the app. 

Instagram Gets New 10 Features After Messenger integration

You can update the app immediately if you want or you can do it later. With this integration, Facebook is also bringing Messenger's features to Instagram. Overall, Instagram users are going to get 10 new features that will give them the same benefits as Messenger. Let's get to know these features.

Cross-app communication

The main advantage of Instagram and Messenger integration is that it allows friends in Messenger to be messaged from Instagram, and friends on Instagram can be messaged from Messenger. Not only messaging but also video calls can be done.

Watch Together

This year, Instagram launched the co-watching feature. This feature is available to Instagram and Messenger users. This allows users to watch Facebook, IGTV, TV show videos together during video calls. As a result of this integration, Reels will be seen together this time.

Vanish mode

As you can see from the name, this feature will delete the message after reading or leaving the chat. You can set it as you wish.

Selfie sticker

You can create a boomerang sticker with your selfie and share it in this app.

The color of the chat

In Messenger, different colors can be chosen for different people's chats. This feature will also be available on Instagram. When you change the color of a person's chat, it will also be visible in the person's app.

Custom Emoji Reaction

If you want, you can react to the message with the new Messenger reaction. You can even react to a quick message in a shortcut by choosing a go-to emoji.


You can forward the message to Instagram if you want. Of course, you can forward messages to up to five friends or groups. This same feature was introduced by Facebook last month.

Reply given

If many messages come in a row, it is very difficult not to reply separately. The solution to this problem has also come. From now on, you can reply directly by selecting a special message on Instagram just like Messenger.

Animated message effect

If color chat is not enough for you, you can add “visual flair” to the message with animated message effect.


You can choose who can DM you. You can even block someone if you want.

Message reporting

You can report messages on Instagram. But besides this now full chat can also be reported. You can find out more about this in the new Accounts Center.
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