How Google Meet Users Use Custom Backgrounds

How Google Meet Users Use Custom Backgrounds

How Google Meet Users Use Custom Backgrounds: The shape of the world we know has changed a lot in the atmosphere of Atimari. The wheel of the economy has stalled due to the announcement of lockdown from time to time, crores of people have lost their jobs. Of course, the definition of work has also changed. How long have you not seen the face of the best friend and colleague in the wealth of work from home! Probably not right. 

How Google Meet Users Use Custom Backgrounds
How Google Meet Users Use Custom Backgrounds

Because of the extreme need, you now have many video calling apps like Google Meet, which you can use to meet virtually many people! Already this platform has gained a lot of popularity by adding various necessary features. This time they brought the facility of using custom background for the users. Let us know about this new feature.

To increase their popularity, Google Meet has had to face tough challenges from Zoom or Microsoft Teams from the very beginning. This fight, of course, is still going on. And that's why the meeting platform is bringing new features to attract users. Google Meet recently announced the custom background feature in a blog post. This feature can be accessed through ChromeOS as well as Windows and Mac's Chrome Browser. Google authorities claim that you will not need to install any software separately to take advantage of this feature.

Google has claimed in its blog post that the custom background feature will be available on Android and iOS platforms very soon. This feature is currently rolled out to Google Meet Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Enterprise for Education, and non-profit customers. Moreover, personal account owners can also take advantage of custom backgrounds.

While the Custom Background feature is available for all of the above plans, users will not be able to upload their own image to the background in a virtual meeting hosted by Education Customers.

Follow the instructions below to change the background before any call or meeting -

1. Google Meet > Select a Meeting > Change Background.

2. Also, to change the background during the call, go to the More Option and click on the Change Background option.
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