Prepostseo Image to Text Converter Review

Prepostseo Image to Text Converter Review


Frequent travelers like to travel from countries to countries, around the world. 
While traveling in different countries they have to face several issues like it’s hard for them to understand the local language. 

    So either they need a Tour guide or at least a quick tool that can convert pictures into text and translate the text in their preferred language.

    Prepostseo Image to Text Converter Review

    Image to text converter is a very essential tool, widely used for converting any type of image into a readable or editable text. 


    Created by                                         Enzipe

    Product                                              Image to text converter

    Release Date                                     17th July 2014

    Release Time                                    06:00 MET

    Premium package                           Starting with $10 /month           

    Official Website                     

    Niche                                                   Software and Tools

    What is an image to txt converter tool?

    Image to text is a tool using optical character recognition technology allowing us to convert any picture taken by camera from a book, newspaper, scanned pictures stored in your device, or local storage of your pc.

    Prepostseo Image to Text Converter Review

    You just need to drag and drop, simply upload a file or just paste the URL title of any picture from any website, and the image to text converter will automatically fetch the image and give you the result in a text format. 

    Unique features

    With the growing demand of Image to text converter tools, prepostseo image to text is a top-notch choice for any user looking to convert their pictures into an editable format.

    • It can extract text from low-resolution pictures: during a class noting down or copying the essays from notebooks is an old tradition, time-consuming task.

    We can directly take the pictures even if our mobile camera is low on the pixel side, the quality of this tool makes that low pixel/blurry images convert into a high-quality text format.

            Image formats it supports to extract are 
        • GIF
        • PNG
        • JPEG
        • TIFF
        • BMP

    • It’s a tool that can be trusted as they don’t share out any kind of information from the user’s end
    • No pop-up or distracting adds which makes it very smooth to use
    • It converts the image into text format as it supports 5 different languages such as Portuguese, Deutsche, Española, English, Russian
    • The best part is this the first OCR technology tool that can fetch mathematics equation images and convert it into editable text format

    • It allows us to download or simply copy the text of the image in either a .txt file, copy to clipboard or save as a document.   
    • Thanks to its latest feature in which it has started to convert pictures directly from the mobile or any smart device just take the picture, upload it, and get the result in text format. 

    Who should use the image to text converter tool?

    Image to text converter tool is a very productive tool that can be widely used in almost any field, few major ones are:
    • Office: In offices frequently we have seen, we need ways to quickly transfer the printed material into our central database and edit it according to the office needs. While writing it may take a lot of time, so why not save time and utilize that time in other processing works while this tool can take half of your headache.
    • Students: Students mostly get assignments or projects for home works, they have a short time to copy as it’s while noting all the points as it is. This tool is capable of scanning pictures within few seconds and gives us instant results which makes it a must-have tool for students to be productive in their educational careers.  

    How to use it?

    It’s quite simple, just follow step by step:
    Step no 1- Visit the website
    Step no 2- Click on the Image to text:
    Step no 3- Choose the required language you want to convert in

    Step no 4- Drag and drop file or copy-paste photo, or simply click the button upload picture choose the required image, we can also insert the picture URL in the URL bar  

    Step no 5- It will show the image, finally click the button to submit

    Step no 6- It will show the converted image into text format 

    Step no 7- Either save as a document to further edit it in word format, download .txt file, or simply copy to clipboard.

    Prepostseo Image to text Converter tool Review

    Prepostseo Image to text converter tool is a free tool, but for additional features like multiple images conversion without any limitation, fast processing, and top quality results we have to choose the premium packages.

    What is in their premium packages? 

    Well, the company offers us both the options monthly and yearly, but yearly packages are cost-savvy to go with. Below given is just the best fit for an individual 

    The basic package costs us: $50/year

    • 50000 search queries,
    • 5000 words limit
    • Deep search
    • Plagiarism APIs
    • Multiple files uploading
    • 24/7 support  
    Yearly packages are quite good to go with, apart from that it all depends on your needs if you are a big organization, go with the company packages as they offer more features.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    • An OCR technology scanner updated with the latest features
    • Convert any image into text format
    • Translate any image in your language
    • Easily accessible through smart devices
    • Children’s can also use it, as it has a very simple user interface
    • Kids having reading issues can use this tool to instantly scan and use it in other formats

    • Internet is a must-have element to run this tool 
    • Should have multiple images converting option for saving time
    • Should include more languages so that more foreigners can use this tool in their native language.


    There are numerous options available on the internet for converting images into text but Prepostseo Image to text converter tool stands out as a very good choice, for anyone looking to instantly convert blurry images or low-quality pictures without worrying any sort of distractions. 


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