Xiaomi Redmi MI Poco Users Facing Bootloop Problem

Xiaomi Redmi MI Poco Users Facing Bootloop Problem

Xiaomi's Redmi, Mi, and Poco phones had bootloop problems: Chinese tech brand Xiaomi has been dominating the Indian smartphone market for the past few years. The phones of this brand have easily taken place in the list of people's choices due to their low price, fun features, and great performance.

Xiaomi Redmi MI Poco Users Facing Bootloop Problem

Even now, five out of ten people can see Xiaomi's Redmi, Mi or Poco phone outside the house. But recently a big problem has appeared in Xiaomi's multiple smartphones. Sources said that some Xiaomi device users using SIMs of Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone have seen an issue called 'Bootloop' on their smartphones which has caused a lot of discomforts.

What is this 'Bootloop' issue?

Bootloop is an issue that causes a phone to reboot repeatedly. As a result, the ROM of the phone is severely damaged and the device becomes useless. According to reports, this type of problem is seen in phones running MIUI 12.05 operating system, and the 'Find Device' option of the phone is turned off just before the device is turned off.

Already a lot of Xiaomi users have complained about the bootloop problem on social media. Xiaomi also promised to resolve the issue through a statement addressing the issue. According to the company, some code lines are not working properly when updating a particular app on the device. Resulting in this bootloop problem. The agency has tried to control the problem in the last 48 hours. For now, users can go to a nearby service center to solve the phone problem. Xiaomi is also considering rolling out a new OS update early next week.

According to reports, most of the Mi, Redmi, and Poco users who have the Airtel Thanks app installed on their phones have noticed this bootloop issue. However, the telecom operator Airtel has confirmed that some changes or settings have been made in their special app to temporarily fix this problem which will catch the eye of the users when they open the Airtel Thanks app. In addition, Airtel Global CIO Harmin Mehta said that Airtel is working with Mi India to resolve the bootloop issue. So it is to be hoped that this suffering of Xiaomi phone users will end very soon!

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