Google introduces a new Policy for Gmail to Enjoy all Features in us

Google introduces a new Policy for Gmail to Enjoy all Features in us

After WhatsApp, you have to accept the new policy to get the Gmail service without any hindrance: We all know how the storm of controversy has swept across the world after the messaging medium WhatsApp recently announced a change in its privacy policy! The news media and social media have been buzzing for the past two weeks over the sudden policy decision of the Facebook-owned platform. Faced with intense criticism and dissatisfaction from users around the world, WhatsApp has finally decided to implement its new policy a few more months later. 

Google introduce new Policy for Gmail to Enjoy all Features in us
Google introduces a new Policy for Gmail to Enjoy all Features in us

As a result, users are spending their time comfortably in this messaging medium. But there is another rumor circulating on social media, centered on the Gmail service! In recent times, Tech giant Google has made some changes to its email service policy. After this issue came to the fore, the fear started that if the new rules are not followed, the Google or Gmail account will be closed. What exactly is in Google's policy? But is Google following the path shown by WhatsApp? Let's find out.

Under Gmail's new policy set by Google, users can now control their personal data and support options. In detail, this update lets users know what kind of data they are sharing with Google or not. In this case, if a user agrees to Google's new rules, he will receive a pop-up notification that will appear on the screen when opening the Gmail app.

To use the Gmail service seamlessly, you need to follow Google's new rules. However, there is no reason to worry if a user does not follow these rules. Even if you do not comply with Gmail's new policy, your account will not be closed. However, those users will not be able to take advantage of some of the special features of Gmail (such as automatic email filtering, smart compose, assistant reminders, etc.).

In this context, the automatic email filtering feature divides Gmail users' inbox mails into three sections - primary, social and promotion. Again, the Assistant Reminder feature allows users to get a reminder about their bill payment date, so that they can pay their bills on time. In addition, the Smart Compose feature will help users to correct spelling and typing when writing an email.

But if you live in India and are worried about reading the above part of social media speculation or reporting, I would say you don't have to worry, because Google has only introduced these new rules for Gmail users in the UK. Moreover, Google has not made any official announcement that this policy will apply to India. So for now, Indians have nothing to worry about following the new rules of Gmail or not!
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