Apple Electric Car Specs leaked top Speed 160 mph 18 Minute Charge

Apple Electric Car Specs leaked top Speed 160 mph 18 Minute Charge

With a top speed of 160 miles per hour, the leak is a feature of Apple's electric car: Last month, carmaker Hyundai said it was in talks with the tech giant to produce Apple's electric car. According to sources, both Apple and Hyundai will reach an agreement on the development of Apple Car or i-car by next March. We've already got a lot of information about Apple's ambitious car project. Most recently, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed important information about the upcoming car.

Apple Electric Car Specs leaked top Speed 160mph 18 Minute Charge

He says Apple has chosen Hyundai's E-GMP platform as the foundation for its upcoming electric car. Hyundai's E-GMP, unveiled last December, is actually a dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV) platform consisting of two motors, a five-link suspension, an integrated drive axle, a battery cell, a charging system, and other rolling chassis.

Hyundai claims that their platform will offer increased modularity and security. As well as it tries to maximize efficiency, driving range. It is learned that this G-MP platform based high-performance car will give a driving range of 310 miles on a full charge. They can be recharged up to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. The maximum speed of these architecture-based vehicles is around 160 miles/hour and in less than 3.5 seconds the cars can reach 0-60 miles/hour.

There is speculation that Apple's car will have Lidar technology that will add a lot of depth to its onboard AI (Artificial Intelligence) functionality. Based on the A12 Bionic processor, Apple cars may have C1 chips with AI capabilities like i-tracking. Apple and Hyundai are hoping to build 1 lakh vehicles by 2024. However, experts have begun to question the reality of this. Some reports indicate that Apple's car will take at least 5-7 years to go into production.
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