FTP server BD - Bangladeshi FTP Server List

FTP server BD - Bangladeshi FTP Server List

FTP server

The FTP server is two-way transferable data from one device to another, sort of like Bluetooth that transfers files from one mobile to another by using the internet. Here in the FTP server bd, it is processing megabytes and gigabytes through downloads in the consumer or user's hard disk. Bilaterally, that uploads from hard disk to server.

FTP means file transfer protocol. FTP is the computer connection of port 20 and port 21 between the client and the server data flow. Port 21 sends signals to the client's commands and controls the flow to transmit the client's parameters. The server that receives parameters and diametric are the two-dimensional first one is an active mode that initiates a connection to the client from port 20. Another is the passive mode for a client to initiate a connection on a port to embark on a specific range.

The FTP is reloaded on the internet webpages. If you search on the net, you will land on many sites that offer various links to different movies, games, live TV, drama, and free software downloads. The site is available at excellent downloadable speed FTP. It is a procedure that needs TCP/IP functioning and serves FTP to one or as many clients as possible.

Some international names of FTP server are:


1. http://m4ufree.tv

2. https://www.watchmovies7.com.pk

3. http://m4ufree.tv

4. https://www.watchmovies7.com.pk

5. https://ww2.123movies.la

6. https://www1.putlocker.cl

7. http://123moviesgo.ga

8. https://tubitv.com

9. https://torrentmove.xyz

10. https://yts.mx


11. https://yts.m

12. https://yifystream.xyz

13. https://downloadhub.life

14. https://w7.hdonline.eu

15. http://losmovies.fun

16. https://www.vudu.com

17. https://123movies.com.pk

18. https://xmovies8.si

19. https://einthusan.tv

20. http://vexmovies.org

21. http://www.zengatv.com

22. https://wwv.solarmovie.one

23. https://www.uwatchfree.is

24. https://afdah.info


25. https://wwitv.com

26. https://www.filmon.tv

27. http://www.giniko.com/watch-all-channels.php


All FTP Torrent Live Tv Servers List in Bangladesh

Here is the FTP list that serves to encrypt and has secured data by utilizing secure protocols like SFTP or FTP/S. From defaults, there is an FTP protocol not secured. There are some unencrypted data. There are optimized FTP server programs available. Some are free that has basic features. Some are commercial products with advanced features that have access to mobile device access.


1.      File Zilla Server

A File Zilla Server is easily handled interface usability. It has user accounts, speed limits, login, sign out, have easily accessible features. It can be a good choice for uploads and downloads; however, it is not a secured form of the programming language used to encrypt traffic using FTP.


Easy to open accounts while you have to install using the port, once the admin downloads it. A new user group is created from where all the navigation can be handled from the device and staying online.


2. Solar Wind SFTP/SCP server

This server is secured. It encrypts data using configuration files, images download, and bulk files are transferable. It is done from configuration is easy just user name and password.IT is ready to set to go by its availability.

3. Serv-U

Serv-U is for transmitting data and files. It is a secured interface that uses FTP, and it is protecting during transmission; therefore, it is SSL or TLS for protected data.

4. Cerebus FTP Server:

Cerebus is a commercial product that supports FTP, HTTP/S, and SCP. There are different versions of SCP. They are personal, standard, professional, and enterprise. It has multiple features such as authentication, password policy, settings, event notification, web transfer events, file retrieval archive, and compliance functions.

Cerebus includes options for reporting and auditing. It includes robust file integrity using substantial checksums.

5. Titan FTP Server

Titan FTP is a commercial product with different versions used in large and small companies. Titan FTP serves to make multiple protocols that are safely transferable. Files are downloaded with permissions set up by users, groups, or servers that can be accused without an FTP client.

6. IIS FTPS Server

FTPS is an optional component for the IIS Web server. It is enabled by installation in Windows Features that has to be included in Web FTP Server for all of its subs also features management tools. After installation FTP site needs to be added, which creates an IIS site, a subfolder will need to be created for the FTP user. The site will start automatically with authentication selection.

It is for accessible and specified users able to read and write as options or customized. The authenticated accounts are set up for the local user manager accounts in the machine.

7. Couchdrop SFTP-

The Couchdrop has been built from the lower case for cloud services. Its start off was from Dropbox and also for other online storage boxes. Using Couchdrop SFTP is easy for newcomers as it signifies for cloud files transfer online storage facility or using Couchdrop's storage files. Both methods can be done or used. There are no other complications like hiring other services or migration system integration.

It is simple to use for online data collection, keeping, and exchanging mechanisms used to regulate and maintain files and folders with multiple users and clients.

8. Rebex Tiny SFTP server-

The Rebex Tiny SFTP Server is easy to use for both commercial and non-commercial use. It is downloaded easily just by unpacking the Zip file, install and execute.  It has configured with good convenient user maintenance. It has vital features, such as it runs on Windows OS with .Net 40. RSA and DSA are the key support with a detailed activity log for one user read or write.

There are changes in accessibility execution, user-friendly interface configuration. It does not require set up only unzip to run on pc or durable laptops.

9. Open SSH

The open SSH is a remarkable FTP server that controls all activities related to transferring files and data mining. It securely and vividly initiates actions into a process that involves authentication and safe execution and operating. It encrypts all traffic that halts malware attacks, leakage or thefts, or intruder invasion. Open SHH is for commercial use. Only a few companies assign it with funding.


The enterprises use all these for FTP is an essential means to office use that transfers data securely. There is Monitor Active Directory that monitors domains, tracks login faults, and replication failures.

Meta: Knowing about the FTP server, its functions, and the overall features.

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