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Join ThugsofBD Partner

Join ThugsofBD Partners

Welcome to the Registration Form to join a ThugsofBD Partner. Thank you for stopping by here.

To join as a ThugsofBD partner there are 1 important requirements that you should pay attention to, namely:

  • Make sure your blog is not an AGC blog.

Then for some general conditions

  • For DA / PA, ThugsofBD does NOT provide a Minimum limit on what your DA / PA value is.
  • Blogs must continue to be Active, not Dead blogs that have not updated articles for centuries.
  • For Niche Blogs, Please Free either Blog Download, Song Lyrics, or others. Except Adult Blogs, ThugsofBD will not accept.
  • If you can, please comment on one of ThugsofBD's posts. (It's not compulsory to do it, you want to do it or it's not up to you, if you want it. Thank you😊)

On the ThugsofBD Partner Timeline, there is a Website Cover Image Slot, if you want to use your own cover, please send the URL of the image in the registration form below. For the Cover size that is 483px X 200px, Length 483px, Height 200px. If there isn't, TipRicks will provide a default image.

For the Design Box Timeline, you can see it below.

Those are some of the requirements to join to become a ThugsofBD Partner. If you read all, please fill out the form below.

ThugsofBD Partner Join Form

To start registering please follow the following steps


Please fill in the form below. Then click Generate. To adjust the appearance in the Timeline Partner, a preview will appear if appropriate please proceed to Step 2.


If the display does not match, there is a wrong word, please refresh this page, and re-enter again.

When finished, the display is as you wish, friend, please proceed to the next step:


After completing the display, please send the code via email to Author ThugsofBD.

You only need to fill in your name and email, in the Message Form it will automatically add a code, the code is the design of your Timeline display. Then click Send Message.


Thank you for joining the ThugsofBD Partner, the message will be processed in less than 24 hours. Thank you 😊.